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  With the establishment of LED2 China in 2008, LED2 has experienced tremendous growth with our high power LED modules and have successfully introduced them to market. Our goal is to become the top supplier of high quality LED lighting products worldwide. Which we will supply quality Products, Competitive Prices and Flexible Service to our customers.


    Impeccable quality is what separates us from the rest of the market.


    Competitive Pricing allows us to attract more customers and expand our current market share.


    Flexible Service allows us to maintain a close relationship as well as satisfy the individual needs and requirements for each client.


    As a member of the LED2 team, I represent LED2 in every aspect. I understand that every act through me would be a reflection of LED2 and my team. My goal is to produce lighting luminary products of the best quality, so once it reaches the market the consumers will know it is made by LED2.


    As CEO of LED2, I believe that all of LED2¹s employees as well as myself have contributed to making our planet more eco-friendly. I find it as both a social and personal responsibility to care and maintain our planet.